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Real World Writing

Do you want to move a specific audience, such as a potential employer, award committee, or reader of your professional statement?

Academic Writing

Do you want to unify the beauty of your life’s story with your academic research?

Creative Writing

Do you want to submit a creative writing sample that has achieved a level of excellence before submitting it to graduate admission boards?


Traveling the Primal Path: An Interview with Celtic Spirit Woman

12, 27, 2017

In October, 2017, I interviewed Karen Castanes at Givens Book Shop in Lynchburg, VA. We both share Celtic roots, …

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The Morning Of

11, 24, 2017

The mashed potatoes had to be made last. After the turkey was roasted and sliced. After the cauliflower began …

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Poetry Reading, Nov. 12, 2017

10, 14, 2017

The Paper Girl (2016, Finishing Line Press) details the coming of age story of a girl growing up in …

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Why Beauty Full?

My Vision, My Heart

Beauty Full Writing is a writing consultation service that guides professional women as they complete real-world, academic, or creative writing projects. I feel very strongly that any professional identity must first begin with an exploration of beauty from our personal stories. Only then can our work live out the authenticity, passion, and creativity that our hearts so desire. Dr. Meg Jay, a psychologist from Virginia who specializes in adult development, says that she often helps "her clients build professional identities by crafting stories about themselves that make sense, stories they can take around to job interviews." But some times we have stories that go untold because they bring us shame or guilt. "[T]hese stories are the bits of identity with perhaps the greatest potential for change . . . . ," Jay reminds us, but they "need to be edited and revised over time." While the triumphant stories are important, the painful ones transform our identities. This is what makes them full of beauty. Helping you find beauty in your story can mean many different things: I can help you discover a truth or goodness from the contents of your life story and make it blossom. I can help you organize the parts so they breathe and glimmer. I can offer advice on your style (e.g., how to create a harmonious blend between word choice, sentence structure/length, and your tone of voice). I can help you identify something that feels intangible to you, like a scent, but that you know is there on a sub-conscious level. For example, you need help "unpacking" the use of an odd metaphor or peculiar personal narrative that keeps returning to your memory, or you need guidance about how to integrate personal emotion into your story.


Email me at brophyjessica6@gmail.com to schedule a free 20-30 minute phone consultation so we can discuss your writing, what stage you are in, and how I can help.

Open your Heart

At Beauty Full Writing, I help professional women find beauty in their personal stories so that it will help them meet their true identities and writing goals.

Other Heart-Driven Women

Check out the services of other women warriors who have inspired me-- Marilyn Bousquin @ writingwomenslives.com and Beverly Ingram @ gointonature.com

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